The accountancy industry is on the brink of a major revolution. New technologies, apps and processes have been developed. They can change the fundamental nature of how we work with numbers forever. 

The core profession will remain but several new roles are likely to emerge as these developments gather pace over coming years. 

Recently, the Zyla Accountants’ team attended a first-ever Digital Accountancy Show. It was held at the amazing Tottenham Hotspur Football Club stadium in London. The £1bn stadium has a capacity of 62,062 making it the third-biggest stadium in London. 

What was the event all about? 

At the Digital Accountancy Event, we learned how professionals can best embrace and implement these new technologies, applications and cycles which when utilised accurately will change your efficiency, and make better customer encounters.

It was a first-ever accounting event that focused on bringing together leading industry leaders, tech companies, and innovators. This event seeks to inspire continued innovation through knowledge sharing across the entire accounting industry. A unique platform for learning with free entry into both the expo hall and theatres!

Who else joined the Digital Accountancy Show? 

Our Cloud accounting partner Xero also attended the event and their representatives shared some great industry insights and MTD related ideas with other accounting professionals and business owners. 

Our Intelligent Cash Flow Partner Fluidly’s CEO Caroline Plumb was also there and shared all the cash flow forecasting regarding knowledge that will help entrepreneurs take responsibility for their financial future to stress less and make cash flow forecasting less complex.  

Our receipt capture partner Dext also attended the event, where the team shared some fabulous insights into the industry during their discussion.

Our payroll partner Brightpay was in attendance, Reducer who we partner with to give our clients the best deals on utilities were also there along with our practice management software Accountancy Manager and our Taxation software Taxfiler.

We met with Pleo, Connect4, Crezco, Hammock and Revolut who we hope to develop partnerships to deepen our tech offering.

To sum up: 

This event helped Zyla Accountants and numerous others in learning the necessity of evolving with digitalisation in the accounting industry. 

Zyla Accountants would like to show its gratitude towards the organisers and sponsors of this marvellous event. We got to learn several new things, like

  • How to automate workflow easily,
  • Why digital firms are 4 times more efficient than non-cloud based firms, and
  • How live data can generate revenue streams. 

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