Like everyone in the world at the moment this is an unusual time, and unfortunately at this time I have found myself in Furlough. I know I am not unique in this situation, but I miss my clients, I miss my colleagues and feel I should be there to fight for my clients futures. However, as Albert Einstein said “In The Middle Of Difficulty Lies Opportunity.”

My opportunity is the chance to work with Suzy and Latha at Zyla Accountants and assist them out in the interim period, learn from them and how they operate their ‘portable’ firm. Over the past couple of weeks I have watched Suzy appear on a number of webinars and talk about cloud based accountancy firms, and it is great to not only see it in action, but experience the process as well.

Without giving away their trade secrets, I have gone from a predominately paper based environment to working remotely in Scotland for a firm in London and using seven different cloud based software that they use to run their entire accountancy firm from. We have that and we still use paper files – the savings in both cost and the environmental impact is massive by moving everything into the cloud.

The first week and a half has flown in – probably due to my wife working and me having to fit the work in around childcare, but Latha and Suzy have both been flexible, and helpful with this, taking time to show me the softwares, and the clients. It is living proof that in this ‘new normal’ accountancy practices can not only operate, but flourish. Over the next couple of weeks I will be writing about my experiences working with Suzy and Latha, showcasing the benefits of the cloud accountancy firm.

However, as many more of us work from home, and have staff working remotely there are a huge range of implications that need to be considered, and the correct planning should be considered at this time – be in Capital Allowances from additional IT purchases, changes in rental agreements and impacts on accounting treatment, and grants and payment holidays. At Zyla we have been working through this with a range of clients and pride ourselves on proactive advice.

If you need any further guidance on the current situation and working from home get in touch [email protected]

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