Remote working – How Zyla operates

Remote working – How Zyla operates

From full formals to pyjama bottoms and a smart top, from anxiously counting the number of attendees on the Zoom meeting & waiting for the red mute button to be switched on when your turn comes up to pampering your dog while sharing your opinions, the transition to remote work culture has been an exciting one for many. 

Setting up home offices, working from your local coffee shop, sipping down the Dalgona coffee has been a bumpy ride for employees. 

But how well has it served the company leaders?   

We can’t speak for all but we have always been remote and it has turned out so well that we are happy to announce that we are soon opening up our branch in Dubai as well. That’s great news for us!!

Wondering how we do what we do? Let’s start with Who we are and then we will share our expertise on how we can help you scale with our remote team.

Who are we?

“Making accounting understandable.”

Yes, that’s our tagline and we believe and deliver the same. Our journey began back in 2017 

When Latha & Suzy joined forces to make accounting a completely paperless industry. They involved more & more modern technologies & fused them with their Accounting competencies to help their clients go beyond just numbers.

We took Accounting out from the traditional accounting age of paper to a paperless profession, fueled by technology. Technology not only allows us to deliver accounting operations more easily but also allows us to work from remote locations and save both money & time for our clients. This is just a brief of who we are, now let us share how we leverage our remote culture to help businesses out. 

Make the best use of remote work with Zyla:

Remote working is gaining popularity quickly. And after the COVID-19 outbreak, remote culture has already become a ‘new normal’ that all sorts of organisations are transitioning to. Working remotely gives employees increased flexibility and autonomy while employers tend to save on business costs.

Here are a few points to give you a brief overview of how Zyla has grown from a toddler to a teenager, in a remote culture from day 1. 

Available in multiple time zones as per your convenience:

Even though, until now we have been serving clients in the UK only, our remote working ways allow us to settle with clients from different time zones. This has played a major role in Zyla spreading its wings in Dubai as well. We have been working from Dubai for quite some time now but the time zone differences have only helped us deal with both setting up here as well as continuing to serve our clients back in the UK.  

Tech pushed us a step ahead & helped reduce errors and speed things up:

We have said time and again that we are tech-savvy Accountants and this has acted as a catalyst to our growth. With the technologies that we use here at Zyla, our deliverability & quality assurance have only gotten better. While helping our clients remotely, we have used technology to bring out the best of ourselves. By leveraging various accounting software, we are able to eliminate manual human error and speed up things.

Hiring the best people:

Working remotely allows us access to a larger pool of talent, going beyond the boundaries of nations to hire talented individuals. We promote a diverse work culture at Zyla where the only criteria is talent.

Hiring the most cost-effective people:

Since we open-heartedly welcome talented individuals, we can hire them in the most cost-effective way. We save on costs significantly but don’t compromise on the talent-level of our new hires.

What type of Software makes remote work most effective:

In our growth as a remote accounting firm over the past few years, we have come to realise three main areas of our business where technology has helped us grow. These are:


In our line of work, constant communication & collaboration with the client is of the utmost importance. But even while working remotely, we have never compromised with that. On the contrary, technology has brought us even closer to our clients as we always stay connected with them. We use various tools like Slack, Whatsapp, Accountancy Manager, and Google Hangouts to be always present for our clients.

Accounting software:

We are a paperless accounting firm and Accounting software are the primary reason why we operate that way. Accounting software helps us access our client’s financial data from anywhere in the world via secure cloud servers. Accounting automation further allows us to share to and from our clients on the agreed date. Xero Accounting software is one of our many specialties.

Task management:

We have heard many company leaders say that remote culture can be really hard to manage at times since they have no real-time insights on their employees’ performance and what’s the status of work/project. Well, with us it’s pretty simple!!

We have always preferred using task management software to help us keep track of the current progress of every project. This way we have a progress report with us at all times which we use to streamline our priorities & meet deadlines. We also save hours of manual labour this way and use it to benefit our clients instead.

How remote culture can reduce cost?

During the last year alone, the remote work culture has seen a spike as more and more countries are adopting the approach. This has given employees the liberty to work from anywhere while it has allowed employers to reduce costs significantly. From paying office rents to electricity bills to commute reimbursements, businesses have saved enough. And this saved amount can be smartly transferred in keeping the clients happy while obtaining new clients.

Get started with Zyla today!!

Zyla’s remote culture has not only helped us grow but also our clients grow. You can do the same if you are looking for tech-savvy Accountants that can keep your accounts clean & balanced. We can help you find your next best full-time accounting employee at a much cheaper cost. 

We make sure that the person is qualified as per the UK standards and also take care of all employee’s hassles and issues. By now you are well-aware of us and how we operate. If you also want to position your business/ accounting firm as we did, get in touch.

Your Tech-savvy Accountants & Advisors 

Your Tech-savvy Accountants & Advisors 

Client’s books piled up, account reconciliations, tax deadlines to be met…

This is how a day in the life of an accountant used to look. Limiting them to focus on petty tasks like keeping track of the financial records, matching them, and updating them on a regular basis.

However, from the age of the abacus to the present times where Accounting software has become a wand every Accounting wizard must know how to work around with, technology has been playing a vital role in redefining the working ways of an Accountant.

With the rapid infusion of technology, today’s accounting professionals aren’t merely number crunchers but an organization’s most trusted business advisor. Internet, availability of analytical tools, and cloud-based software sit at the core of an Accountants transition into tech-savvy business advisors.

We at Zyla are no different. Tech-savvy, number-loving Accountants & business advisors for small businesses. We are now Xero Gold Partners as well!!

Zyla Accountants – Tech-savvy number handlers with solid IT expertise

We are new-age accountants who not only enjoy doing our client’s books but also have expertise in leveraging the power of technology. This is the core of how Zyla works. It allows us both time to focus on more revenue-generating Accounting tasks as well as analyze in-depth data that we can use to help grow our client’s business.

From the very beginning when Zyla was founded, we wanted to take Accounting a step ahead. And our millennial tech-friendly mindset allowed us to incorporate a fully-fledged tech ecosystem in our Accounting practice.

Look at us now, transforming and redefining the basics of the Accounting industry. Our clients see us as their Accountant, trusted advisor, mentor, and trainer as well.

Was it easy?

Not exactly but surely an innovative approach to Accounting.

Technology in Accounting – Changing the dynamics of the industry

While traditional accountants were still figuring out if technology can be a costly affair to handle, we envisioned the future of Accounting and fell in love with it. You love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore the fact that technology has become an important part of every business aspect. Now, even our clients expect us to be up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

Accounting softwares like Xero have allowed us to increase our efficiency and productivity. Be it collaboration, be it real-time analysis of our client’s financial position, or be it a data-driven approach to cash flow forecasts, technology has made decision making easier.

Accounting on the Cloud while client’s revenues touch the sky

Who would have thought Accounting professionals would have to become software gurus? But again adaptability has always been the thin line that differentiates mere survival from growth. The same holds true when it comes to using Cloud Accounting software to grow your practice.

Cloud Accounting offers us to access our client’s data remotely via highly encrypted servers. We don’t need to rely on manual calculations anymore since automation is already taking care of it for us. We are able to save ample review time and use it to focus on ways to generate more revenues for our clients. Integrations further allow us to keep track of all our client invoices, keeping their balances accurate at all times.

How do we become tech-savvy?

We have a variety of tools, assisting us with different processes so that we can invest our Accounting skillset in helping our clients. Some of the tools that have made us tech-savvy are:

  1. We use Slack, Whatsapp for communication.
  2. Xero Accounting software is our magic wand.
  3. Google Sheets help us with sharing data via the cloud.
  4. Accountancy manager is where we meet and greet our clients & managed our own workflow.
  5. Our remote team work from My Quick Cloud from locations around the world.
  6. All of our passwords are encrypted in Lastpass to ensure our client’s data security
  7. Workflow Max helps our clients in better managing their Projects.
  8. We prefer Startling Bank for mobile banking.
  9. Taxfiler helps us keep our clients tax-ready always.
  10. We also specialise in Zoho, Clearbooks, Sage, Quickbooks, and a ton of other software as well.

How becoming tech-savvy helps us help you?

It’s a mutual relationship that benefits both of us. We can:

  1. Invest more time helping your business rather than number-crunching:

Gone are the days when Accountants were next of kin to Bookkeepers. Technology has changed this relationship a lot and Accountants now aren’t dealing with just numbers but real-time data. With this data, we have been able to help businesses minimise their losses and maximise their profits whilst meeting their financial and tax obligations.

  1. Prioritise client communication and experience:

Technology has brought us closer to our clients. With end-to-end encrypted communication channels, we are always in touch with our clients. Remote is just another word for efficiency for us.

  1. Reduce human errors:

As Automation with Accounting software continues to get better, it has immensely supported us in replacing the erring human nature. Reduced error means lesser review time and perfect reconciliations.

  1. On-time:

When we have technology helping us with other day-to-day human-intensive tasks, we are better equipped to hand over our client’s work before the deadline dies.

  1. Harness data to provide sound advice & make quick decisions:

Numbers have encrypted stories to tell and technology allows us to decrypt them and make better-informed decisions based on the available data. It also helps us to figure out the right solution much quicker. Had we been still relying on Excel, we would have found it hard to excel at what we do!!

It’s all about choosing the right tools for the right process. We’re not just here to make sure you’re meeting your accounting deadlines – we also help you operate your finances in a more efficient way, so you can grow your business confidently and sustainably.

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing

Whilst it may seem strange to be talking about personal tax returns in May, especially in the middle of a pandemic, there are many reasons why now is the perfect time to talk about it. I have spent a lot of my week working on personal tax returns for clients who are keen to know what their tax liabilities are for the next year, and likely payments on accounts for July 2021. Yes I said it, over twelve months away.

Early completion of your returns gives you the opportunity to plan ahead to determine how you will be able to pay your tax liabilities. Whilst the payments on account in July can be deferred, as things stand, these still need to be paid by the 31st of January 2021, and these payments will need to include the July 2021 payments as well. For many people that is going to be a large outgoing, and the sooner you know the bill the more time you have to prepare for this. There is nothing worse than getting a large tax bill in January and not having the cash to pay it. That said, we all keep money back for our tax bills don’t we……

The other reason why we, at Zyla are keen to discuss your tax returns with you as early as possible is that if you are out of work just now, or working limited hours, then this is the time when you can pull the information together, and we can sit down and have a socially distancing chat about you, and your business. This could be the time when real and significant changes could be made to you and your business.

Don’t let Hector the Inspector catch up on you, drop us an email at [email protected] and let us advise you how best to keep on Hector’s good side.

Paperless business

Paperless business

We are very fond of technology in our practice and having only ever known cloud accounting I cannot imagine anything else. We are constantly searching for new technologies that will make business easier for our clients and also save the environment by reducing the paper that our clients have to use. In running our own business we do not print except when we have to send a letter to HMRC (!) and we try to obtain digital receipts whenever possible. Hopefully when HMRC actually make tax digital we will become fully paperless.

We have clients at all stages of the digital journey from those who only bank with the challenger banks (Transferwise / Starling etc) to clients who came to us still using desktop software. From our experience no business is too big or too small to digitalise. We love helping our clients reduce their paper footprint and recently achieved this for a happy client: ‘they have streamlined our processes and converted us to being fully digital which has saved us time as a business and helps our paper reduction effort.’

Imagine a future where we do not even have to print paper receipts, where the EPOS system can tell your bank (which will be also be your accounting software) what the transaction is and categorise it with the correct VAT treatment. Where accountants will become technology advisers rather than number crunchers.

At the Receipt Bank panel we discussed the benefits of capturing your receipts as you go. This is key to efficient business. With the technology available now you can keep your accounts up to date in real time. At Zyla Accountants we aim to our client’s books up to date on a weekly basis. This gives business owners peace of mind in knowing profits and cash balances available to make spending and investment decisions. It also means there are never nasty surprises in VAT or Corporation Tax payable and our clients can actually use their accounting software as a financial dashboard as the figures are reconciled and up to date. The days of bank reconciliations are well and truly over for us!

Top tips

1) Get digital receipts and send these straight to your accounting software / Receipt Bank equivalent

2) Do your receipts and expenses as you go at least once a week

3) For 1 person companies get your banking and accounting in one place with Coconut

If you would like further information on digitalising your finances email us [email protected]

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