“Leadership is not a person or a position. It is a moral relationship between people based on trust, obligation, commitment, emotion, and a shared vision of the good.”– rightly said by Joanne Ciulla (a philosopher and an author) and perfectly implemented by Zyla Accountants. 

With immense pride, we would like to inform our clients that Zyla Accountants has expanded to make sure that you continue to get amazing customer service for business growth.

Please join us in welcoming our new team member Caroline Leonard (Payroll Manager) officially to the Zyla Accountants family.

How can she help you?  

Caroline will be the main person of contact for all things related to payroll including: 

  • Starters and leavers, 
  • Holidays and sickness, 
  • P60s and P45s, 
  • Pension submissions and 
  • Payments. 

Also, sometimes you can face IT issues in the background, in this case, if you need any assistance, don’t spare a moment to call Caroline as she would be more than happy to help you.

A seamless communication

Providing constant client support has always been our main priority so that their work doesn’t pause from our end. 

Our accountants put extra attention in handling client’s issues in real-time so that a seamless communication channel between both teams can be set. 

We request our clients to leave an email for non-urgent queries and we’ll get back to them within 24 working hours. 

For any queries, contact us at: 

[email protected]

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