Dext Commerce: a new product from Dext

Dext Commerce: a new product from Dext

To help accountants, and SMBs, Dext Commerce provides smart solutions in the form of data and insights to make your work more proficient. 

They power splendid bookkeepers with tools to make your work and the organizations you take care of more useful and productive. So the clients you serve become the huge product/service providers in their domain. So, they commit all of their efforts to making products that assist you with working productively better and constantly. 

What is Dext Commerce?

Dext Commerce with Greenback is a tool that helps e-Commerce and Retail businesses like you to manage sales data with ease. With its help, we will be able to automatically retrieve our clients’ sales-related information from various e-commerce and point-of-sale platforms. 

You will be able to enjoy features like: 

  • Sales Data Consolidation Dext Commerce gives a normalized outlook on the business information from numerous stages, ideal for customers who sell on multiple platforms, like, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify and eBay. 
  • Guarantee tax compliance: Get VAT related with any order on an accurate local or global rate basis, developed by a correct view on every single transaction across platform and region. 
  • Include various clients: Dext subscription provides integration to each and every sales integration to meet every client’s need. 
  • Simple pricing plan: They offer a single client plan that gives 1000 transactions/month with unlimited users & integrations as well. Also, they offer 90 days of historical transactions. 

Advantages of using Dext Commerce

  • Go digital: In the UK, you have to record all the data digitally as per the HMRC’s guidelines, for example, MTD (Making Tax Digital). 
  • Tax Compliance: Whether it is a domestic sale or an international one, you can get the right tax rate on any sales order. 
  • Deadlines: You can access this data anywhere from any internet-based gadget. This will help you meet all the deadlines.
  • Easy and simple reporting: Absolutely no one is immune to the problems of record-keeping and data management. This tool makes reporting so easy that you just need a few minutes to update it.
  • Amazing Dashboard: Regardless of industry or business size, organizations are made up of people that need systems in place to keep them organized. Their dashboard is quite impressive with all the data organised beautifully. 

Closing note: 

Zyla Accountants has been a proud partner of Dext and using their services for quite a long time now. It helps us to streamline the tasks of our clients.

You should also know that the monthly subscription of using Dext Commerce is £40 / month plus VAT.

If you have any queries related to the Dext platform, please reach out to us at: 

UK Government subsidised courses under the Help to Grow campaign

UK Government subsidised courses under the Help to Grow campaign

As SMBs proceed with their covid-19 recuperation and hope to see some new business trends, the new Help to Grow: Management program can uphold business pioneers with useful training and tutoring, sponsored by the PM Boris Johnson Government. 

This program will be run across the UK by top business colleges certified by the Small Business Charter. It is a 12-week program where representatives join other business pioneers for management training. 

It will cost £750, with a 90% subsidy grant from the government as a feature of its Plan for Jobs, the plan is intended to assist organizations with driving business development and creating new occupations.

Develop your local business 

The programme is designed to give you leadership skills that will help your business grow and succeed. It’s manageable alongside full-time work, allowing senior leaders from small or medium-sized businesses the opportunity for growth in their company – whether it be financial management strategies like budgeting, forecasting practices; a new approach on how best to lead high-performance teams based upon current digital adoption techniques/approaches available today?

In addition by completing this academic coursework, delegates would have access not only to an extensive alumni network but also tailor-made plans when going through these modules so they can take what was learned into future endeavours at home too!

Two Programme Funded by the Government

Help to Grow: Management Course 

The first one is Help to Grow management which is an executive development 12-week program. It will help to improve business performance and growth potential. And you will get up to 90% of trading costs paid by the government of which you’ll have to pay just £750. All the leading business schools all over the UK will be teaching this course. 

Help to Grow: Digital

Digital technology highly affects SMBs growth. Embracing new innovation in the industry can help any business to touch Sky with ease. With this course, you’ll learn “How Digital Technology can enhance your business’s growth?” Also, starting from December 2021, you will be able to leverage a maximum of 50% discount that can cover the cost of purchasing a certified software, worth £5,000.

To sum up: 

I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone who is trying to grow their business. Said Chief Executive of James Lister & Sons Ltd Peter. He was an attendee of the Help to Grow: Management Course.

Another attendee Rosie, head of Finance at Seacat Services Ltd commented: This is a thought-provoking and detailed course with relevant content in a fantastic mixture of online and in-person teaching.

For more details, contact our Zyla Accountants at: 


Attend our Live Intro Webinar with myFootPrint 

Attend our Live Intro Webinar with myFootPrint 

Handling environmental change is important to make a happy and prosperous future. Simultaneously, it gives us new financial opportunities to develop our green economy. 

To protect us from climate-change hazards and their dangers, we need to make a zero-carbon financial and cultural change. This includes creating and carrying out both new innovations and using existing zero-carbon technologies. 

Zyla Accountants has partnered with myFootprint whose mission is to:

  • Measure companies’ carbon footprints
  • Reduce carbon emissions by making a roadmap
  • Gather funding for sustainable projects to become carbon neutral
  • Getting carbon-neutral badges and sharing them with employees, customers and stakeholders

What is

It is a carbon tracking and offsetting platform that has been helping businesses of all different shapes and sizes in reducing carbon emissions and global heating by combining tech, science and new ideas. 

Their mission is to bring zero-carbon emissions to the world by empowering and encouraging businesses to measure, reduce and share their carbon emission reports. They have built a platform that helps businesses to change the environment into a better and greener one. 

This webinar will cover:

An introduction to myFootprint

Who we are

  • Quick intro of co-founders
  • 2. Our mission
  • Help every company emit zero carbon. We know this is a long-term commitment and we support our customers in 5 ways

What can small companies do to fight climate change & what are the benefits of doing so?

5 key value propositions of myFootprint

  • Calculate the Carbon Balance / Inventory of the company following the GHG protocol and ISO 14064 standards
  • Produce a Reduction Roadmap with dedicated actions and implementation horizons
  • Possibility to Offset the proportion of the emissions that cannot be reduced with certified offsetting projects
  • Employee Engagement tools: sponsor reductions actions, up-vote and discuss them; employees choose the offset project the company contributes to
  • Public Sustainability Page to showcase the company’s engagement to Net-zero in real-time.


Mark your calendar!

Date: 3rd November

Timing: 10-11 am

Register here to join:

Meet the Speaker!

Julio Quintana – Co-founder & CTO of

Julio is a software developer and data scientist, has two masters in Sustainable Energy Systems and Innovation, and 10+ years of experience in the sustainability sector. He specialised in building Web Applications and developing Machine Learning algorithms with business applications. His career includes working as a Data Analyst at Red Bull and developing software applications for the renewable energy business at Engie. In his free time, he teaches code at Le Wagon. He lived in 6 countries and fluently speaks as many languages. 

Attend our Live Intro Webinar with Reducer Team

Attend our Live Intro Webinar with Reducer Team

How to make easy savings with Connected Purchasing? It is a question that has troubled numerous SMBs in the UK. They don’t know how to compare the prices of top suppliers and end up purchasing from the wrong one and losing a lot of their funds because of bad decisions. 

Zyla Accountants is an honorary partner of Reducer, working together to empower our clients’ spending through Reducer’s Connected Purchasing Solution. When we connect our clients’ data on Reducer software, it helps them analyse their bills and provide personalised cost savings. 

We are going to organise an Intro Webinar with Reducer Team. You should seal the opportunity as soon as possible to learn more about “Connected Purchasing”. These experts will walk you through the major functions of this software and let you know how you can accomplish cost-saving business processes. 

What is Reducer? 

Reducer helps organisations to settle on better purchasing choices by trading the manual price comparison process with their fast and simple software solution. They say Spot overspending, find savings and switch suppliers, all in just a few clicks.

They also partner with different accountants across the UK to empower their clients’ spending through their Connected Purchasing platform. All they have to do is connect their clients to Reducer through Xero or QuickBooks. Afterwards, this software will automatically analyse the bills to find savings and share a personalised cost-saving report of each client. 

This webinar will cover:

  • How to sign up for Reducer using a Xero or QuickBooks account?
  • How does Reducer analyse bill attachments to find a cheaper deal?
  • How does Reducer create a personalised cost savings report? 
  • How does Reducer complete the entire deal on your behalf? 

Mark your calendar!

Date: 7th October 2021

Timing: 10:00 AM (UK Time)

Register here to join: accountants/form/ThursdayWebinarSeriesReducer/formperma/LmvnAwC8X5yzgw2P40JQr3wcVI0fIp3IAD9OI_fSD5g

Meet the Speaker!

Zyla webinar with reducer team

Paige Wilson

Paige is an Accountant Partnership Manager at Reducer, who joined the business this year. Her role entails building partnerships with Accountants and Accounting Firms and helping them save their clients’ money. 




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