The Furloughed Accountant’s Goodbye Blog

The Furloughed Accountant’s Goodbye Blog

And so the Furloughed Accountant has reached the end of his time with Zyla Accountants it is time to reflect on the past seven weeks. It’s been a steep learning curve, but one with many highlights and I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss two of these.

The undoubted highlight for me was actually allowing Suzy and Latha time to take a well earned break. A couple of weeks ago they both took the week off leaving yours truly in charge of the firm…. And yes the firm didn’t collapse. Seeing how hard they work for their clients, and how passionate they are about their work, it was great to see them both take a well earned rest.

The other highlight has been the clients I have gotten to know over the course of my time with Zyla. Despite only ever being in here as a temporary member of the team, all of the clients have made me feel like a welcomed part of the team, and been happy to come to me for advice. Be it working my way through Management Accounts, year end Accounts, Payroll or Tax work, every client buys into the Zyla way of operating which is that of a true partnership between advisors and clients and it is great to see that.

The biggest highlight, I know I said two, has to be working with Latha and Suzy. Even though I have only met Suzy before, and I am based over 400 miles away in Scotland, from day 1 both Suzy and Latha welcomed me to the firm, took time to give me the background on the clients, and even trusted me with their firm for a week. I was even told off for using the words ‘working for’ in the early days.

All that leaves me to say is thank you, and to encourage anyone that wants to experience the positivity themselves to get in touch with Suzy and Latha at [email protected]

Mar Sin Leat

The Furloughed Accountant

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