Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop

Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop

Save the date! We would like to invite you to attend our unmissable event for local business owners at 9.30 am on Thursday 7th November 2019.

Join us with our guest speaker from Croner Taxwise at this brief but invaluable event, which will enhance the way you run your business by giving you the knowledge and advice to resolve any employee challenge. This is CPD Certified Seminar and certificates will be available post event.

You will learn how to:

• Review contracts, handbooks, and other essential employment documents
• Deal with staff behavior, performance, attendance, and attitude
• Handle health & safety, risk assessments, fire safety policies and procedures
• Understand the five fair reasons for dismissal to help avoid tribunal claims
• Manage gender-balance, employment status, and pay

Mental health in the workplace

Find out how to manage work-related health problems like stress, depression, and anxiety in your business. Discover why leading UK businesses have appointed mental health first aiders at work. Get practical advice on protecting your worker’s mental health and learn how to reduce sick leave, boost morale and make productivity soar.

Zyla Accountants will also be discussing:

  • Our mental well being at Zyla Accountants as entrepreneurs – how we keep motivated and productive
  • Smart working – How we use technology to keep on top of work and also learn to switch off
  • Pensions: practical advice on requirements under auto-enrolment for your workforce

Not only is this event free to attend, post-event everyone will receive a free documentation audit which you can use to help protect and grow your business. These audits have been developed to assist you in your preparation for the Good Work Plan being implemented by HM Government, which will affect every single employer in the UK.

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DATE: Thursday 7th November 2019
9.30am | Welcome & refreshments
10 am | Seminar
12.45 pm | Finish with networking lunch

Huckletree West

191 Wood Lane
W12 7FP

This event is exclusively for business owners and directors, so places are in high demand. Please move fast to reserve yours today; book directly via our ‘Book My Place’ link above.

Alternatively, email [email protected] and quote 44805C.

Also, on the day you will receive an exclusive employers’ pack, which includes process guides and policies to help protect and grow your business.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Pension tips for new employers

Pension tips for new employers

Pensions Act 2008 requires every employer who is employing a member of staff to have a workplace pension scheme for the business. Your legal duties towards automatic enrolment start on the day your first staff member starts to work. This is called the duties start date. It makes it compulsory for employers to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme.

As an employer you will receive a letter from the Pension Regulator giving your duties start date and a deadline date by which you have to file a compliance statement online.

You might ask who is an eligible worker?

  • Employees aged between 22 and state pension age
  • Earn more than £10,000 a year
  • Usually work in the UK

Now that you know who is your eligible worker, you need to know the minimum contribution that is required to be made towards the pension scheme. From 6th April 2019 minimum percentage of contribution from qualifying earnings is as below.

  • 3% contribution from employer
  • 5% contribution from employee
  • 8% contribution overall

Each time you pay staff (including new starters) you need to monitor their age, eligibility and see if they need to be in the pension scheme and calculate the right amount of pensions that has to be deducted, add the employer’s contribution and pay it over to the pension provider that you have chosen for your company.

Contact [email protected] who can take the stress away from the whole process and make the auto enrolment of pensions simple and clear to follow. We can process payroll for your business, calculate the correct pensions, update the pension provider monthly and make sure you comply within deadlines set by the Pension Regulator so that you can carry on your business with the confidence that you are ticking all the boxes for pension!

Paperless business

Paperless business

We are very fond of technology in our practice and having only ever known cloud accounting I cannot imagine anything else. We are constantly searching for new technologies that will make business easier for our clients and also save the environment by reducing the paper that our clients have to use. In running our own business we do not print except when we have to send a letter to HMRC (!) and we try to obtain digital receipts whenever possible. Hopefully when HMRC actually make tax digital we will become fully paperless.

We have clients at all stages of the digital journey from those who only bank with the challenger banks (Transferwise / Starling etc) to clients who came to us still using desktop software. From our experience no business is too big or too small to digitalise. We love helping our clients reduce their paper footprint and recently achieved this for a happy client: ‘they have streamlined our processes and converted us to being fully digital which has saved us time as a business and helps our paper reduction effort.’

Imagine a future where we do not even have to print paper receipts, where the EPOS system can tell your bank (which will be also be your accounting software) what the transaction is and categorise it with the correct VAT treatment. Where accountants will become technology advisers rather than number crunchers.

At the Receipt Bank panel we discussed the benefits of capturing your receipts as you go. This is key to efficient business. With the technology available now you can keep your accounts up to date in real time. At Zyla Accountants we aim to our client’s books up to date on a weekly basis. This gives business owners peace of mind in knowing profits and cash balances available to make spending and investment decisions. It also means there are never nasty surprises in VAT or Corporation Tax payable and our clients can actually use their accounting software as a financial dashboard as the figures are reconciled and up to date. The days of bank reconciliations are well and truly over for us!

Top tips

1) Get digital receipts and send these straight to your accounting software / Receipt Bank equivalent

2) Do your receipts and expenses as you go at least once a week

3) For 1 person companies get your banking and accounting in one place with Coconut

If you would like further information on digitalising your finances email us [email protected]

Plexal lunch and learn accounting workshop

Plexal lunch and learn accounting workshop

We will be hosting an accounting lunch and learn to talk all things startups including funding, EIS/SEIS advanced assurance and compliance, R&D tax credits, bookkeeping, VAT and Making Tax Digital. We will also be joined by their client and fellow Plexal member, Gentle Reader, who will share their experience from a startup point of view. Email us to sign up and if you have any burning accounting queries please email them in advance to [email protected] to make sure it is covered. The address is Plexal, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Here East, London, E20 3BS.

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